Medical Info and Forms

Medical Info and Links to Forms
Posted on 06/01/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

In the case of ongoing serious medical conditions (such as but not limited to; severe, life threatening allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, asthma) Office administration requires the parent/guardian to submit the necessary documents on or within two weeks of the start of the new school year. 

Emergency medication, labelled with the student’s name and expiry date, is kept safe and accessible in locations which are known to all staff. 

It is highly recommended that each anaphylactic student carry an auto injector at all times and that an extra be kept in the office. 

Documents already submitted for the previous school year are deemed expired as of August 31. 

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing the necessary documentation.

These are found online at >parent portal  >forms  >school operations

or click to follow the links found at the bottom of this memo.

Students with Anaphylaxis/Epi-pen are required to submit OCDSB Forms 405 and 616 and in the case of any other medications required for reaction to allergen; Form 286.

Students with severe life threatening conditions such as but not limited to; asthma, epilepsy, heart condition are required to submit Forms 285/286 and 802.

Students with Diabetes are required to submit Form 902 and an updated Individual Diabetes Care Plan (CHEO) with parents yearly signatures.

Should there be a change regarding your student’s condition, symptoms, medications and/or parent/guardian/emergency contact information please notify the office staff as soon as possible.



School Operations OCDSB Forms;


  OCDSB 285 - Self Admin Oral Med Authorization (FULL VSN)

  • where students are authorized to administer their own medication.

  • In some cases (e.g., “Ventolin” inhalers, Cotazyme E.C.S.), students may be authorized to carry their own medication, provided the principal is satisfied that: 

  • a) the parents/guardians, or the student if 16 years of age or older, and physician have authorized self-administration on Form OCDSB 285: Self-Administration of Oral Medication Authorization (Appendix F); 

  • b) the student has been trained in the proper administration of the medication; and

  • c) there is no evidence that the student is abusing the responsibility

 OCDSB 286 - Admin Oral Med Authorization FULL VSN

  • where staff is required to administer or supervise the administration of oral medication to students with severe or life-threatening medical conditions. A new form is required in the case of any change to the prescribed medication and must be completed prior to administration. 

 OCDSB 405 - Use of EpiPen

  • for each student with anaphylaxis. 


 OCDSB 616 - Severe Life-Threat Allergy Proto Reg FULL VSN

  • for each student with anaphylaxis, agreed to by parents/guardians, a physician, and the school staff. 


OCDSB 802 Serious Medical Conditions Protocol FULL VSN

  • for each student with a serious medical condition 


OCDSB 902 Diabetes Emergency Treatment Protocol Registration

  • Need an up to date Individual Diabetes Care Plan (CHEO)

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